Name:                                       Maryam  Ayatollahi


       Address:                                    Transplant Research Center

                                                   Namazi  Hospital, Shiraz University of  Medical Sciences                                                                                      

                                                   P.O. Box: 71935-1119, Shiraz-Iran

                                                   Tel/Fax: +987116474331, Mobile: 09173012026




         Education :                               BSc. Cell biology (Top student),

                                                   Shiraz University, Shiraz-Iran

                                                   MSc. Immunology (Top student),

                                                   Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz-Iran

                                                   PhD. Molecular Genetics, National Institute for Genetic

                                                   Engineering & Biotechnology, Tehran-Iran



       Extra Educational


       Course Works:                       Bioartificial Liver System Technology, Hepatology Depart.

                                                        Gene Cloning Techniques, Hepatology Depart.

                                                        UCL University of London (5th April 2009- 15th August 2009)


                                                        Lentiviral Vector Production & Cell Transduction, Virology Depart.

                                                        UCL University of London (2009)


                                                   Stem Cell Culture Technology, Stem Cell Depart.

                                                Royan Institute, Tehran-Iran (2008)


                                                   Cell Culture Technology, Bone Marrow Depart.

                                                 Dr Shariati Hospital, Tehran-Iran (2007)


                                                   Cell Culture and Biology Course Works, National Institute for 

                                                   Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Tehran-Iran (2007)


                                                 Advanced Molecular Genetic Course,

                                                   Pasteur Institue, Tehran-Iran (2006)


                                                 The 3 rd International Workshop on Application of Advanced       

                                                 Molecular Methods for Diagnosis of Human Genetic Diseases,

                                                 TehranIran (2005)


                                                The First Joint Workshop on Laser Microdissection,

                                                 Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (2005)





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