Research Facilities

Shiraz Transplant Research Center mostly welcome to collaborate with all departments and research centers in the university and around the country. 

Following is a brief description of the main facilities currently available in the center. 


Brief Description 

Bio bank
DNA and serum samples from transplant patients
Amnion bank
Cryo preserved amnion tissue for usage in ocular surgery
Nucleic Acid amplification
Thermal cyclers for DNA amplification ,Optical densitometer for determining DNA/Protein concentration in the extracted samples. Gel- Documentation system with UV

Cell & tissue culture
Equipped room with CO2 incubators, hood, nitrogen tank and other required equipments for cell culture

Three color flowcytometer equipped with sorter for cell characteristic analyzing

Real time PCR
Real time PCR system for quantitative study of gene expression and detection of viral load

Genepulser system

Genepulser electroporation device for cell transforming
Electrospinning device
Electrospinning device for creation of scaffolds for tissue engineering & cell culture

Refrigerated centrifuges and micro centrifuges, ELISA Washer and Readers, Ice- maker


Shiraz Transplant Research Center
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Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.Shiraz.Iran
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